High-density polyethylene is a polymer wich has a low degree of branching and thus stronger intermolecular forces and tensile strength.



Flexible, translucent/waxy, weatherproof, good low temperature toughness (to -60'C), easy to process by most methods, low cost, good chemical resistance.

Low Density Polyethylene is defined has a high degree of short and long chain branching, which means that the chains do not pack into the crystal structure as well.



Semi-rigid, translucent, very tough, weatherproof, good chemical resistance, low water absorption, easily processed by most methods, low cost.

Linear-Low Density Polyethylene is a substantially linear polymer, with significant numbers of short branches,


This gives LLDPE higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance



Higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance,  very flexible and elongates under stress.

Our packaging are made with raw materials that are free from food processes and adhere to FDA regulations, also the global migration, water and silver technical analysis are certi-fied and according to Mercosur, EEUU and CEE standards.


Our uniforms are made with certified virgin and biodegradable material.

The pellet with the polyethylene sleeve is constructed has an biodegradable additive and it is certified.

In addition, we performed an surface analysis that certifies that it may be in contact with food.

Uniforms that are discarded after use can be recycled to generate raw material to be processed again.




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In Bioxiplas, we manufacture and commercialize disposable work uniforms made of biodegradable materials, design under specific needs of each of our customers, intended to food processing facilities. We deliver a reliable service to our customers and also ease and welfare to its staff.

Our Purpose

To improve confort of employees who work on adverse context without harming the environment.